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Special Employment Discounts

Are You a POLICE OFFICER, FIRE FIGHTER, PARAMEDIC OR EMT living or working in York County?

If you are then you receive...

All your sessions of $50 or more at 1/2 price!

Spouses can get:

Their massage therapy sessions of $50 or more at $20 off, $10 off a $45 session.

                    Gift Certificates are regular price

Remember aromatherapy can be added to any massage therapy session at no extra cost (With Shellie Only)

~To book these appointments online, simply select the session you want and in the comments section put your job ie..Firefighter, Police Officer,    
  * Requires ID or proof of employment 

Note: If you pre-pay your session through our online scheduler it will charge you full price. Because it takes 2 business days for us to receive payment, we will credit your  Massage account the difference.  Likewise if you have a gift certificate for a 60 minute Swedish session and you choose to book a 90 minute Swedish session, you do not get 1/2 off the difference, you still would pay the $15.
This discount is meant for you when you are paying for sessions, people can NOT buy them for you at the discounted price.

**You Can Only Use One Discount, ie. If you are a fire fighter and have liked our page of Facebook, you do NOT get a double discount, you must choose which one you want to use**    

Shellie Morin LMT, Owner- 207-850-1014
    Nicole Phung LMT, -207-604-9920                   

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