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Deep Tissue Massage VS Swedish Massage

Difference Between Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

People who want to get a massage are often confused between the different forms of massages. Even worse, they tend to identify them as the same, when in fact, most massage forms are unique. 

This is often the case with Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages. Both types of massage are regarded by some as the same. However, you must read further so you’ll know that the two really are not similar at all.

Conceptualized back in 1812, the Swedish massage incorporates five basic principles, which include: Giving long and smooth strokes; gentle kneading of the muscles; applying therapeutic friction; tapping (otherwise known as hacking); and providing constant vibration.

Help Us Help You

As Massage Therapists our goal is to help bring our clients back to a healthy balanced, pain free state.  We have had extensive training in many different areas to accomplish this.  We will assess your situation and come up with a plan for your session to help get you back to optimal health. 

Keep in mind that it can take  multiple sessions to get you back to normal and that you should get a massage at least once a month after your pain is gone to keep that pain from coming back.

Roman Chamomile

100% Pure Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
Botanical name : Anthemis Nobilis
Plant origin : Flowers
Extraction method : Steam distillation
Aroma : Slightly fruity, herbal
Odor intensity : Extremely High
Evaporation Rate : Middle note
Origin : France
Roman chamomile is a short growing perennial shrub that produces very little chamazulene, so the resulting color of the oil is a pale yellow.  Roman chamomile has been used for over 2,000 years. Ancient monks planted this species of chamomile on “raised beds” that were created in gardens to lay invalids upon and relieve depression.

Reiki With Gemstones And Aromatherapy

One of the new services at Sanford Massage & Wellness is Reiki with Gemstones and Aromatherapy.  

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese term meaning "Universal Life Energy"

It is an ancient healing technique which was rediscovered in the mid- 1800's by a Japanese Professor of Christianity.

Reiki attunement aligns the energy centers of the body known as "chakras", which allows the Universal Life Energy to flow through the body and out the hands to offer healing to oneself or another.

Aroma Session

A New Service

I have been working with essential oils now for a long time, I took a course to become a Certified Aromatherapist over 8 years ago.  I am very passionate about using essential oils for EVERYTHING, cooking, cleaning, health issues and emotional issues.  Those who are my clients know I use essential oils in my massage oil and to some of you I have recommended using certain essential oils. Now I have a way to help more of you get the benefits of essential oils with our new service "Aroma Session"
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